What Is Flush in Poker?

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If you have ever spoken to anyone about the game of poker, you must have heard about the Royal Flush, but do you know what that means? At the very least, you should know that it is the strongest hand you can get (barring the five of a kind in games that include the wild card). But there is more than you should learn. After all, the Royal Flush is just the most powerful type of flush in the game. So let’s start by teaching you about the flush first.

What Is a Flush?

A flush in poker is a hand that consists of 5 cards all — in the same suit. On the list of poker hand rankings, the flush is the fourth one, and it is really easy to recognize. The best flush you can get is the ace-high Flush, at least when it comes to the regular version of this game.

When it comes to Flush, the suit of the cards doesn’t matter. What is important is the hand rank, and each flush is ranked by its highest card followed by the rank of the second highest in that hand. If necessary, the second, the third, or even the fourth highest card can be used to break a tie and determine a winner. For example, a King high Flush will always beat Queen high, no matter which suit.

The Royal Flush


The Royal Flush is the strongest variant of the Flush hand. But to be fair, it is a lot more than just a flush. To complete this hand, you have to get a combination of a straight (five cards in a row) and a flush with the high card being the ace.

But thanks to the power of this hand, it gave us some of the most exciting moments in the world of gambling.

For example, during PCA in 2016, Tedeschi and McAllister had a rather intense game. Namely, the pot came out to be over 1.7 million dollars and Tedeschi had a strong hand with three queens. However, the river bet brought McAllister vast amounts of money thanks to the final card that was drawn — the Ace of hearts, completing his royal flush.

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