What are Some Fun Card Games

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What are Some Fun Card Games

If you want to spend a fun game night with your family or friends, we are here to offer you a list of wildly entertaining games you’re going to enjoy. Check out our article about the best and most thrilling card games.

A Short List of Fun Card Games

You don’t have to have fun with cards only at a casino. There is an endless choice of exhilarating and fun games you can play with your family or friends. Whether you wish to kill time during long winter nights when you have nothing to do and nowhere to go, or you are on a camping trip with your kids and want to separate them from their smartphones and tablets, the following list of the most popular card games you can play for fun will blow your mind. Some of them are family night classics while others are the new stars on the scene.

#1 Uno

uno gameI have to be totally biased here and put this astonishingly fun, intense, colorful and sometimes hilarious board game at the top of this list. There is nothing I would add to a Uno game to make it better. This game is perfect as it is! The rules of the game are simple, so you can play it with kids while each round is fast-paced and competitive enough for adults to enjoy it.

Uno is a type of game where you have to get rid of all the cards you’re holding in your hands. The deck of 108 cards you play with is divided into four colors: red, green, yellow, and blue.

First, each player gets seven Uno cards from the cut deck. When the dealing is finished, the deck stays at the center of the table while one card is face-up on the table. The player who starts the game has to place a matching colored card in the discard pile. If the player doesn’t have a matching color, they have to draw a card from the deck. If you have any special cards, choose wisely about when you will use them.

Besides the plain cards marked from zero to nine, there are some special cards that can bring a certain advantage to the player holding who is them. For example, there is a skip card which you can use to make the next player take a rest one turn. There is also a card that changes the direction of the gameplay. If you throw the “+2” card on the table, the player next to you has to take two additional cards from the deck.

When you run out of cards you’re holding before your rivals, you win the round. To win the game, the player has to get to 500 points before the others. Finally, you get the score when you add the total of all other players’ cards to the winner at the end of each hand. Uno is perfect for a game night, provided there are no sore losers. Otherwise, it can all end up in a deeply rooted resentment among competitors.

#2 Blackjack

Blackjack gameI cannot imagine any list of card games without this timeless classic. Blackjack is equally adored and respected among real money gamblers and people who want to spice up a game night with friends by playing it for fun.
First, you get two starting cards from a deck of 52 cards. The aim of the game is simple, and your only opponent is the dealer. You have to beat the dealer by having a total of 21 in your hand. You can also win if you have a higher total than the dealer at the end of the game.

There can be 2 to 7 players in a Blackjack game, and each of them plays against the house in separate rounds. Plain cards carry their own value, and all the face cards count as ten. Only Aces are privileged here, and they can be counted either as 1 or 11, depending on what suits you best. A Blackjack game is an ideal complement to the “Roaring Twenties” party you are planning to throw.

# 3 Cards Against Humanity

If you haven’t tried Cards Against Humanity yet, you are definitely missing out. Namely, the cards in this game are devised as an ultimate cry against the exaggerated political correctness that many of us believe has overwhelmed day-to-day communication and has been suffocating a clever sense of humor for years.

Namely, this fun game is played with a set of 550–600 cards. The idea originated from a game where someone asked a silly topic question while all other participants tried their best to write down the wittiest or funniest answers. In the card version, there is a set of black cards with fill-in sentences on it and white cards with proposed endings to the topic sentence.

After each participant draws ten white cards with the sentence endings on them, this hilarious game can begin. The player who starts the game draws one black card with the topic sentence on it. Then, the player reads it for everyone to hear. After that, all the players choose a white card they want to offer as the best ending. The player who picked the topic sentence then shuffles all the possible endings and reads them out. The winner is the player who matched the card and got the funniest answer.

The answers are usually so sarcastic and politically incorrect that you will truly feel liberated after a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. That is, if your bladder is strong enough to endure long-lasting attacks of addictive laughter!

#4 Go Fish

Go-Fish gameThis is another wildly entertaining card game you can play with your family or friends. You can use a standard deck of playing cards in this game. If there are 3 to 7 players, each of them will get five cards from the deck. The player sitting on the left of the dealer starts the game by asking any player what they want for a specific card. For example, Kate is the first to play, and she asks Peter if he has any fives. Peter has to give her the wanted card if he holds it. Otherwise, he says: “Go fish.” This means that Kate gets one card from the deck. If Kate gets the five she wanted from the deck, she continues to “fish” for other cards she needs. However, if Kate gets some card she can’t use, the player sitting next to her gets to play. The objective of this game is to match as many Four of a kind combinations as you can. When players use up the entire deck, the game ends and the player who collected the most “books,” i.e. four of a kind cards wins. This is a fun game you can enjoy playing with your kids.


This selection shows only a short list of fun card games. Some of them are family card games, and some are better suited for adults. You would have a blast whatever game you choose to play, and I’m sure some of these will become your favorite in no time.

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